Latin Women Dating Tour

Date as many beautiful Latin women as you desire, just you the women and our matchmaker/interpreter, and no competition from other men! You decide the tour’s start date and the length of the tour.

Date many beautiful women

You’ll date beautiful Latin women, as many as you desire, until you’ve found that special one. You’ll have women competing for your attention, like no other romance tour!

No competition from men

Unlike traditional Romance Tours where dozens of men compete for the most attractive women, you’ll have the most attractive women competing for you.

Enjoy our tour’s flexibility

You decide which date to start the tour, for how many days you’d like your tour to continue, and which date to end the tour. Complete flexibility!


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The Personalized Dating Tour is the best way to meet beautiful Latin women, on an individual basis or as a group, according to your schedule, without any competition from other men.

No competition from other men

A traditional romance tour may have several dozen or even a hundred single men on the tour, competing for the most attractive women. On our Personalized Dating Tour it’s just you, our beautiful women, and our interpreter/matchmaker. The women have come specifically to meet you, and have already seen your photo and know some basic information about you.


Unlike traditional Romance Tours where the tour dates are very specific, you’ll have the flexibility of deciding for yourself which dates to start the tour and for how many days you’d like your tour to last.

How this works

After you pay the reservation deposit, send us the links of 5 to 10 women that you like on our website, from the country that you’ll be visiting. We will invite these women and other women with similar characteristics and beauty. We’ll pick you up after you arrive the tour city and help you get settled in to your hotel. Then you’ll start dating our beautiful foreign women one after the other. You can date each woman for as long as you and she desire, see if you have chemistry, and then, as you desire, move on to the next. It’s that easy!

How much does the tour cost?

The Personalized Dating Tour costs $5,000 plus $100 for each day that you remain on the tour. The Personalized Dating Tour includes: prequalifying the characteristics that you’re looking for in a woman, pickup in tour city, language interpreter/matchmaker, an almost unlimited number of beautiful women who want to meet you, and our Fiance Visa Kit to bring your new fiance back to the USA. This tour does not include airfare, hotel or meals.

Pay $500 Deposit for Personalized Dating Tour  


Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.



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